Recently I visited Toledo, a very old city with some serious AC vibes, not only because of the time the city was built, but also the jewish and islamic architecture prevalent in the AC series.

Wandering around the city, seeing the people living in such a laberynthical space, which is very common for medieval urban layouts, reminded me of the times I played through AC, wondering if the way people back then is remotely similar to what is pictured in the game.

I found some similiarities even today, when you rush in the slopes or walk very close to the walls because a car is passing by, similar to what tenth or eleven century people must have done, only with wooden carts.

In a way as a medieval city dweller back then you might not get involved with AC conspiracies. But these type of games can give you a solid idea of what it was to live in a medieval city if you never visited one or live in a newer city without those little scars of a different era.