I’m an 80s child who was too young then to remember it.

In the 90s Nintendo had distribution in Argentina, it was not the main player but still it was present. Same thing cannot be said in the Wii U days, which was never released oficially.


Returning to the 90's it was Megadrive and SNES golden age.

I was in the minority with the SNES and more like an endangered species with the N64 since everything was PS1 in the late 90s.


Rental stores in Buenos Aires suburbs would bring american type games and sometimes rare japanese games, like Dragon Ball ones before it was wildy succesful here.

Little gems I played:

Super Mario Rpg. I still have the original box. I remember arriving late at school dances (not like prom more like a club for kids where to get money for something). Later on the snes was in granfathers house so I restarted and finished the game in highschool years. It was still as addicting as I was 11. Also being my first rpg it was like an initiation


Yoshi’s island. The drawn graphics were amazing at the time. It was also a pretty demanding platformer is you wanted to go complete it 100%

Megaman X1-3 : I used to love them. The cyberpunk aesthetic, the powerups you could see in the armor or X’s abilities like double dash or jump.


Donkey kong country 1-3: I think they seriously perfected Super Mario World formula. The soundtrack (kudos to David Wise), the graphics, still bring me back to this day.

In the n64 years I got a tv in my bedroom and it was a more private experience. I only got 1 game and one controller but I used to rent a lot of titles from blockbuster (remember those? No? Get off my lawn!).


Remembering now it had some experimental or plain weird titles.

I remember playing: Mischief makers, shadowman, turok, forsaken, the south park fps game, the almighty goldeneye, ocarina of time, pilotwings (my dad loved it for some reason).


I missed the next generation because I was college student with no money, and consoles in the early 00s were prohibetely expensive.

I got the nintendo itch again when I convinced my girlfriend to buy a NDS, since her childhood dream was to own a game boy but her parents banned game consoles since her brother used to practise mortal kombat on the sisters (but maybe that started his love for martial arts so I guess it was good on the long run).


The Nintendo DS made me feel like a child playing mario again, and I loved those simple games like Elite Beat Agents, replaying Chrono Trigger (I was not released here so I emulated it as a teen), Dragon Quest IX, Phoenix Wright, etc.

Actually I think I played the DS, and later the 3ds more than a PS3 I got more than five years ago.


Nowadays it’s even easier to get old games with facebook groups, importing them, but when the only information was in magazines (Club Nintendo released a spanish edition in Mexico) games were released every once in a while, to not have everything available at you fingertips, and have to wait for the next big game made it kinda special.

Also, seriously, get off my lawn.

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