In Fantasy Life, as we play the game there is subtle hint of a deeper social criticism. The importance given to your job.

The point of a game focused on having a job and mastering it, and also changing jobs it might be lost to some, but it struck me the times it was mentioned in the game.

In FL there is a job goddess/kami who created all different kind of jobs. But as the golden era of people loving their jobs and wanting to be someone in a specific field is over, it is repeated youth now doesn’t care for them.

It kinda sounds like the hikikomori right? People living in this fictional medieval kingdom versus people living in an apartment maybe without leaving the bedroom, lost in the internet, otaku culture, online games, etc.


The message is not also just being a salary man, it’s finding a job you enjoy, not in the lines of “follow your dreams” or self help stravaganza. It’s a sense of nostalgia for the world where craftsmanship based jobs were common.