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Three things Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans did right

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(Mild second season spoilers)

1. Focus on secondary characters: Takaki had a great arc the second season, putting the spotlight on him and moving from Orga, Mikazuki and Kudelia did a great job showing all the sides in the conflict, in this case, Tekkadan’s earth division.


2. Triangle with a twist: the love triangle here is not based on rivalry, Atra and Kudelia respect each other and they are actually friends! You could write love triangles with characters who have more than one superficial side only to serve the main character!

3. Showing how a small player struggles with growing in the political/militar arena: I actually watch the show for these kinda stuff. I know. Sue me. But I like the whole different factions and rival houses and such. It is one of the main selling points in the Gundam franchise for me, people are not shallow heroes, they are deeply flawed, political, and they have alliances and a moral compass of their own to follow.

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